The Value of a Particular Publishing Site – 2

When you post an item on Hubpages, it will be ‘moderated’ by  a crappy computer program. Not a human, who can read and understand, but Artificiall Intelligence, which is not very Intelligent.


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This program is such a joke that a famous author had his work rejected by it.

This author wrote  a short story, and posted it to Hubpages. It was up for a day or so, then, disappeared,  ‘non-featured’,  because the A.I. found  ‘spammy’ elements.

This is the term that is used by the moderation program.

The famous author left the article on Hubpages. It was subsequently printed in a magazine where it sold millions of copies.

This fact is known to many people who used Hubpages because it is legend.

Now you ask; What are ‘spammy elements’?


Ask the crummy program that Hubpages uses to moderate human writing.

Often it could be a word in Bold, a Link to another site, (even for reference), maybe the images aren’t big enough or something equally stupid.

This is because the A.I. which ‘moderates’ the site is a joke.  And the ”requirements’  are ridiculous.

This allows any human to post an article they know will be  ‘non-featured’, that is ‘published’ but invisible to the public.

You see the use?


What do you think?


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