The Value of a Particular Publishing Site – 4

A Newbie on Hubpages will see an item’non-featured’ and try to ‘correct’ all the errors the A.I. Mod indicated. Getting a machine generated email might make the Newbie believe that someone actually read the work, found flaws, and as soon as these flaws are corrected, the article will be Featured!

The Newbie will race around trying to figure out what was done wrong. Maybe remove the bold words, even when they are necessary, remove the links, even when it is vital to substantiate a point; for the next hour that Newbie is working to ‘fix’ the article.

The ‘corrected’  article is posted. It might even be’featured’ for a day or so, then, be flung back into the’non-featured’ basket.

Meaning that trying to ‘correct’  an item is a total waste of time. Few, if any items, once made non-featured will ever escape the A.I.’s condemnation.

An article published on May 1, 2017 might be up until May 4, 2017, be made ‘non-featured.  It could be corrected and resubmitted on May 5, 2017 but remain ‘non-featured.’

This depresses the Newbie.

When an article is non-featured it can only be seen by the writer. That means the writer can take it and publish it elsewhere, and no plagiarism checker will know.

If that article,  published on May 1, 2017 and non-featured on May 4, 2017 is published on another site on May 5, 2017,  there is no chance one can be slapped for’plagiarism’.  If the other site doesn’t pay and does not permit removal, one can prove it was published on Hubpages on the 1st.

This proof of copyright is not known only to me, most of the users on Hubpages know it, and use it.


What do you think?


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