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Do you know any other language

The speaking two or more languages can improve your employment prospects study after study has demonstrated the cognitive benefit of learning another language no matter how old you are , this make you interesting

What language do you want to learn and how many language do you speak tell in the comments and make this poll mor interesting

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Written by kamran


  1. Why are there so many languages in the world?

    Some have been lost over time, and it is said in the Christian bible that God didn’t like there being only one language, so he caused mankind to have many different languages, to stop them from connecting together, and learning too much too quickly, or some such reason, as that.

    God has no language but love, and his love, when it enters you, turns into words in you, so the understanding is felt, rather than spelt out, to you then.

    That said, language also creates divergency of thought, so progress progresses, not just along the same line, but upon many different lines of thought, as each word system provides a different way of thinking, in its way, as words carry power, and so power is assumed from words in many ways, and languages serve that purpose, varying things up, as variety adds different keys to God’s locks, and eventually one will be found that fits, and opens humanity to greater truths.

    Language helps us to find such truths, and to better understand them once found.

  2. I have never had the opportunity, we learnt french at school but had no opportunity to speak it, and the french we learnt was not as it is meant to be pronounced.
    Now there is a selection of languages to learn in New Zealand the other proper language to learn and needing to be learned is Maori.

  3. For there are so many languages in my country, I speak a number of regional languages but my daily language is Indonesian, and English is the only other language that I speak. I also ever studied German but didn’t master it anymore because I never used it.

  4. I’m fluent in my mother tongue (Italian) and English, but can speak and understand some French and Spanish thanks to school, plus these languages are quite similar to my native one.
    I know a tiny bit of Finnish but would like to learn more, and would also like to learn Chinese. I would rather not overdo because I might easily get confused. ?

  5. Our education system focus on bilingual …
    so we’re required to learn English and another language (usually your mother tongue) of our choice.
    But the downside is, some of us aren’t great in both ?

  6. Actually, I have grown up learning there languages. You can call them basic languages. They are: my native language, Kiswahili which is the national language and English. We learn Kiswahili in the society and later in school starting at nursery/kindergarten as a subject which is the same case with English.