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Short Story: The Zen Master, who had thought that he was dying, died only to himself

The renowned Zen Master, Lokei Dounstoz, used to wear sandals, on his feet, like most Zen masters usually do.  He had an old, worn pair,...

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Short story: John's Mother's Memorial Plaque

John's father, Bruce, had died 10 years ago now. John had paid for the plaque on his gravestone, in the Huntsville memorial cemetery. It had...

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Short story: John talks aloud in his sleep, and wakes up his wife.

Last night, John was dreaming that he was walking back to his blue Mitsubishi ASX car, in a carpark, somewhere in some city, and...

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Short Story: John's reoccurring dream themes

John had a couple of dream themes that always repeated themselves to him, over the years. Theme one: At work with no work to do. One...

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Poetry: Life lessons from dogs. Follow the love in your heart.

Lessons can be learned from most all of our life, especially from our pet dog, even if it's in strife. If your dog is naughty, or...

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