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Short story: The rabbi's cane.

Subtitle: The Rabbi who was nearly robbed.Rabbi Zendev Zerskin was getting old, and he needed a cane to get around with now.His Rebbe, the...

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Zen short story: The tree-loving Zen master was finally buried under his favourite tree

The renowned, and equally famous, old Zen master, Fredzlich Horenzo, had just died, and they buried him underneath a large Yew tree.It was one...

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Poetry: Sadness saddened sadness sadly through its sad eyes

The hardened feel sadness hardly.The saddened feel hardness rarely.The loved feel sadness deeply.The sadness feels love in itself.The boldness of sadness is unknowable.The lovingness...

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Zen Story: The Invitation to Love. The Love of Enjoyment.

The old Zen master, Azpolko Ripocler, had received an invitation to attend a meeting with another Zen master, Theolick Zapole, at a nearby monastery.He...

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The Parable of the Bookshop owner

There was once a man who owned a bookshop. He had 2 ladies working for him.One was an honest worker. The other would steal money from...

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