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Short Story: Dream recalls bring meaning to meaning for Dave

Dave Credulous was getting old in the tooth. He always used to remember his dreams, and he would religiously record them all faithfully, into...

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Short Story: Jack Spatt, and his neighbour, complaining Sue Grimface.

Old Jack Spatt was aptly named, as he was always getting into a spat with someone, over some minor, or sometimes, it was a...

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Short Story: The tale of two birds. The demise of one.

Jack Longing lived in a suburban household block, in a brick veneer house, with a small backyard, with a magnificent magnolia tree in it. One day,...

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Short Story: Frank gets frankly nutty with his psychotherapist

Frank had been having a few problems with his life recently. For one thing, he was feeling down, and depressed about it all. Frank made...

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Short Story: A meeting with an old Indian Shaman

Donald liked to travel all over the world. It was while on one of these trips, when he was in Nebraska, USA, where he met...

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