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Do you excersize everyday?

I used a Fitbit for eight years. More 38,000,000 steps in the 9 years I had a Fitbit (I stopped as of August 31, 2018) I use my iPhone and Apple Watch now to do the same thing. I like the three circles that the apple watch/iPhone allow me to configure. One is for moving. It measures how many steps I take in a day. My goal is different nine and higher than it should be on purpose.  Doctors now say that women should do around 7500 steps a day and men should do around 10,000 steps a day. My personal goal is 15000 steps. In the past week with my extra pacing nervously, I have shattered that number. I picked 15,000 steps a day because honestly 14500 steps a day over a seven day week puts you at 101500 steps iPhone a week.

Tracking the other two things, the Apple application checks is also interesting. The next thing the watch/phone tracks is how many times you stand. I am working on not sitting for 4 or 5 straight hours and so knowing that I am meeting the stand goal (at least once an hour). The final goal is the number of calories burned in a 12 hour day. Well, it’s a 15 hour day not counting when I am sleeping. When wearing the watch it also tracks the BBM or your heart rate. Resting and in motion, rates are very important bits of information to share with your doctor. The issue for me is that once every other day I have to change my watch for at least an hour, so I lose steps every other day.

Fitness is an interesting question. I don’t participate in cross-fit. My back doesn’t do well with excessive expertise now. I don’t run anymore because my knees are bad. I have settled on using an Eleicptal and walking. I don’t use the elicited seven days a week. I probably should. Do you set exercise goals for yourself? I know that a lot of people in my neighborhood are now walking every day!

Based on that I am curious and will ask some poll questions about what you do for exercise. It is something that interests me for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is the health benefit.

  • Question of

    do you set a daily step goal?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    will you share your favorite workout in the comments?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    do you workout or excersize every day?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Q: do you set a daily step goal?
    Yes (5 votes) – 38%
    No (8 votes) – 62%
    Q: do you workout or excersize every day?
    Yes (7 votes) – 58%
    No (5 votes) – 42%
    Q: will you share your favorite workout in the comments?
    Yes (8 votes) – 80%
    No (2 votes) – 20%

  2. I go to the gym when I can but I cant do that all the time, my husband is not well and Im here for him. He gets restless and he is disabled so I take him out a lot to give him sanity.

    It gets to the stage that I cant do a lot of things others take for granted because he is completely dependant on me. I do everything. Yet, in this medical process we both have met some wonderful people and I have learned more patience and organising skills.
    Hopefully there are things that I can discover or that he can be healed through time, but it will take a while..trial and error.

  3. I don’t have any exercise schedule, dear friend … except I don’t do any sports activities …. I used to go to the gym regularly for years when I was riding a motorcycle, but now I got sick

  4. I do not have a planned exercise schedule, but am very fit. My work is exercise, wrestling dogs. 😉 I stand all day and walk back and forth to the kennels. On my days off weather permitting, I hike as you know. I still havent made it past the ten mile mark though, it got too hot. Waiting for autumn to kick my miles up. I want to try for 20 miles in a day.

  5. Q: do you set a daily step goal?
    Yes (4 votes) – 40%
    No (6 votes) – 60%
    Q: do you workout or excersize every day?
    Yes (7 votes) – 70%
    No (3 votes) – 30%
    Q: will you share your favorite workout in the comments?
    Yes (7 votes) – 88%
    No (1 votes) – 13%

  6. I don’t exercise. I do the Tibetan rites when my back bothers me or if I have ample free time. I gobble up sweets because I cannot live without it. And I eat without counting calories. That my height is still proportioned with my weight is something I would credit to total lack of health consciousness ??

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          sometimes you have to wonder if we give out drivers licenses like Halloween candy.

          Go to a door
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        • Maryland is stringent about handguns. But the sad reality is that in the US we are the 7th highest riffle and shotgun owning state, but the number is for all gun ownership overall (so primarily shotguns and rifles, we have the 7th most guns in the US in Maryland).

        • few are stringent.

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          want to end cartels and the drug war today? Legalize pot in the US. That cuts off their cash crop literally.

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        • The studies show that if a drug is legal (alcohol) it may lead to bad behavior but it doesn’t lead to other drugs.

          However, there is some merit that illegal drugs do allow for experimentation with other illegal drugs. That relationship exists, and there is a large enough percentage of people that have taken that path that you can’t say it has no merit.

          I think the reality is this.
          Alcohol impacts drivers and users by reducing their reaction time.
          Pot reduces your ability to see at night.

          Anything else has a much larger impact and should be illegal. Those two, at this point are in the same category.

        • Because all the studies today are of legal (booze) and illegal (everything else). There is a natural tendency toward “illegal” is intriguing.

          The problem with throwing out the profiling term is that it truly doesn’t apply to the argument that pot is a gateway drug.

          It is. But it is only because it is illegal. Once you break the law, breaking it again isn’t that hard.

          Honestly, I think the real question here is what are we trying to accomplish.

          I would ask this question:

          1. Is Marijuana worse than Oxycontin?

          Because the answer is, Marijuana (THC) is a good pain killer. Oxycontin is a great painkiller that is horrifyingly addictive.

  7. Exercise is my inspiration to fight sickness. I do the regular 30 to 40 push ups depending on the condition of my body. Of course, there is the warm up of bending and stretching.

  8. No heavy exercises for me after I broke some ribs and vertebrae 13 years ago. Walking in and out of the house several times in the day is my exericise. I also do pranayamas – a breathing exercise.

    • Ouch, broken ribs and vertebrae, I couldn’t imagine the pain that must of been. I broke my foot and ankle two years ago, then fell on my crutches and broke 6 ribs. Doc is right, it took about a year, and I swear they are still tender in places.

      • It is not how much you have but what you make of what you have is the route to happiness (lol) I follow this norm. I had great doctors, great nurses and great care givers that I could recover with ofcourse certain limitations now.

  9. I did a lot of walking and biking when I was younger. Now, it is painful for me to walk much. I have DVT, both knees are shot, my right hip is pretty well gone, and I have lower back problems. However, I do exercise. In the spring, summer, and fall, that is primarily with gardening activities and in my “off” time, fishing. In the wintertime, I shovel a lot of snow, which is even more strenuous.

    I don’t count the kind of exercise that involves bending my elbow to bring food from my plate to my mouth, though for a guy who is 6’3.5, I’m underweight, at 165 lbs, which happens to be the same amount that I weighed at the age of 14, in 9th grade. Only, I was 10 1/2 inches shorter then. 😀

  10. I’m limited in my exercises due to the back problem. I exercise early in the morning before going to job. I prefer walking to and from job. In fact I like walking a lot.