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Learning to Sing Better: Understanding Subharmonic Bass A subharmonic bass is a method of singing much lower than your normal vocal range. As a person might figure, this is a method...

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Why Counting Growth Rings isn't an Accurate Way to Judge the Age of a Tree

Most people probably know that in order to figure out the age of trees, botanists will often count the growth rings. While this is...

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Keith Whitley – When You Say Nothing at All A few days ago or maybe less, I wrote about singing with a twang. This Thursday version of the Song Saturday challenge is another...

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The Lunacy of Using the 'Race Card'

One political party in the US is well-known for claiming that anyone who doesn't agree with them on any point must be racist. This...

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Why the Amount of Ice in Antarctica is Increasing but the Ice in the Arctic Isn't

According to NASA, within the past decade, new record high amounts of ice have been recorded in Antarctica. just 5 years ago, in September...

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