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Learning to Swim

I have always thought that learning to swim was important and one of the first things I did when my granddaughter came to live with me was get her in the water. I paid for her to have several years of swimming lessons and she is now, at the age of 10, a competent swimmer.

These days swimming pools are warm and comfortable, not like the outdoor pools I was forced to learn in as a child. I remember we would be pushed into the water by our teachers, whatever the temperature, and it was so cold it would take our breath away!

I’m glad I can swim but it’s never too late to learn as these days there are adult swimming classes. Not only is it a worthwhile skill but it’s good exercise too so if you’ve never learned to swim get yourself down to the local pool and enroll. You won’t regret it.


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Written by Linda Mansfield


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  1. Wow, congratulations! I’m glad your granddaughter learned how to swim well!
    My parents also paid for me to attend swimming classes, but for some reason I never learned.
    I should really give it a try once again, I guess. ?

  2. I never learned to swim. Because of this I was determined my children should learn. I was going to sign them up for swimming lessons but when my husband saw the cost (we have several children) he disapproved and he added “I taught myself to swim.” We moved to an apartment that had a pool right in front of our apartment. My kids want to go to the pool and my husband allowed it. To my surprise, my children dived right into the pool. By the end of the day, they had taught themselves to swim. Incredible! And what a money savings! Two Thumbs Up to my husband! LOL.

  3. You have left my wife, she hasn’t been able to swim until now, while my eldest daughter started learning to swim twenty years ago, when she was a teenager and I teased her, “You are not like swimming but you like to bathe in the pool sweetheart.”

    Btw, welcome back friend.

  4. Great post, and such a cute picture. I am lucky enough to live in a warm climate, but I do remember those mornings in school, our first class was swimming. It was so cold it would take your breath away. I enrolled my sons in the water babies classes, and those classes were worth so much. I wouldve lost one if they hadnt learned this at an early age. My son fell off of a 20 foot high bluff over the water, when he was a one year old, landed and had his head above water and rolled over by the time I could dive off.

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