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The World of BabySitting

What is a babysitter? To me technically a babysitter is a person that watches very young and young children.  The ages vary from 6 week old infants to toddlers and even into preschool and early elementary age children. There are some parents who think their older children need someone to look after their pre-adolescent/adolescent children as well as early teenagers, and these caregivers are usually called Au Pairs.

Babysitters of any age group child from infants through teenage should know First aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation, and even Water safety skills. The child caregiver should also know the child’s interests so that they can plan various activities, have an idea of proper nutrition as well as a few discipline techniques. Babysitters and Au Pairs should always follow parent wishes even if this is hard to do.

Babysitting is and can be a rewarding experience for the caregiver, but there is a time when the caregiver/babysitter will know when enough is enough and know when to move on to other professions. Babysitting can lead to careers in teaching, counseling and nursing. Babysitting is a great career starter for males and females. I was a babysitter and still occasionally ‘sit’ for a few kids, but I have moved on and became a teacher as well as a nurse.


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Written by 1Mark