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They climbed to a 1200 ft high chimney

Young couple, Flaviu Cernescu and his girlfriend Ena climbed a 365-meter-high chimney in Slovenia, without using any protective equipment! Let’s note that this is the highest chimney in Europe.


The chimney is part of the Trbovlje thermal power plant, and to get to the top, the couple started out first inside, then outside scales, but the real challenge was at the very top of the chimney when they walked around. Of course, all this without any equipment, which means that this venture, with the slightest mistake, could end up fatal. Also, they did not even need their mistake, but a smaller wind rush, but Flavi and Ena obviously decided to walk the chimney.


Trbovlje Power Plant was built in the sixties, and since 2014 it is no longer in service. The highest chimneys in the world carry a chimney that is part of the GRES 2 power plant in Kazakhstan and is 419.7 meters high.

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  1. Wowza! By the way, if you want to see an equally difficult challenge just watch the Avon & Somerset police try to contain a heavily-refreshed collection of vagrants getting all animated and loud at a rubble-strewn wasteground on the outskirts of Bristol.

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