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Do You Know Your Chess Sets?

I am not one for passing up a garage sale. Being in my situation, I find garage sales and yard sales to be a...

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They Pulled It! Yay!

Just a few days back, I saw something here in Lubbock which had me a little salty. I told about it here, how I...

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Not Another Typical JuNoWriMo Post; JuNoWriMo Day Twenty

I tried keeping up with posting on a blog but couldn't. In my life, it's a matter of day-to-day survival. As well, any attempts at...

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I Have Been Told I Joke Too Much

In fact, I've heard all my life how I don't take things seriously enough. Yet, here we are in America, where a citizen might actually...

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Here’s One for an Art Project; Just for Fun!

I find the wavey lines within the trees interesting and worth studying.

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