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Why Meditation May Be Life-Changing for You

Our modern life in society is full of hurry, stress, noise and a lot of pressure from all sides. This is leading us into...

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Why Going to College Can Screw up Your Future

You know, we all grow-up thinking about college. It is almost like a "dream" that we build up since our early childhood. But is...

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Warning: Keeping a Job You Hate Can Kill You I know, this headline seems a bit dramatic and shocking! But nonetheless, it can be very real. Although you should not quit a job...

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5 Quotes from Einstein That Will Open Your Mind 1. "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." It is much better to make countless terrible mistakes in...

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7 Work at Home Tips for Beginners 1. First Step: Unleash the BOSS Within This is one of the hard things about working on your own. Sometimes we only have the discipline...

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