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How Do You Weed Around a Cactus?

When my neighbor first planted this cactus in her side yard by the street, it looked pretty neat. That was last year. After the...

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What is the Cat Doing Here?

About a week ago I finally stirred myself up to get out of the house and get some pictures of the river. The park...

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Working Hard On Pinterest

I've been trying to catch up with many online jobs I got behind on when I was preparing for an out-of-town guest a couple...

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Alpaca – Just for Fun

It's hard not to love alpacas. I'm fortunate enough to have seen them up close and personal when they were almost neighbors. When I...

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Flower or Weed?

I took this photo in my rather wild and neglected garden today. There are at least three different plants represented in it. The small...

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