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Things and items that used to be banned in The White House

When the presidents of the United States step in order to live in The White House, their power is greater than you ever thought....

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How does the cooking on the Antarctic look like

The Antarctic is one of the most isolated places on Earth. It looks like a non - Earth. With its extreme weather conditions, it...

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The Royal babysitter and her earnings

Kate Middleton and the Prince Williams are educating their three kids with the help of the Spanish babysitter Maria Tereza Turion Boralo. This 43...

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How many years of honest work are needed to earn a million dollar?

"ECONOMIST" lately published a research which reveals how many years of honest work are needed in order to earn a million dollar. They came...

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Why do women get easily attracted by older men

Have you ever wondered why do the women get easily attracted by older men? Even though this is not the case with all the...

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