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No Boss Hogg “Round Here !

Peabody, Massachusetts                September 1984 I was never a big fan of the Dukes of Hazzard TV Series, but...

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A Little Bit Of History

Boston, Massachusetts.           I first discovered Boston's historic Union Oyster House during the summer of 1977. From August 6th through...

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Popcult Anime Con Framingham 2018 Part 2

Our family found this to be the most fun anime convention we've attended to date.  We learned that this was the third year of...

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Popcult Anime Framingham 2018

We've taken a family  field trip to Framingham for this summer's best anime happening!

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Dulcinea Complex

March, 1984                          Fall River, Massachusetts. "You give all your power to me. I...

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