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5 Random Facts about Mavic123456

I would like to join this craze, or as I call it as a Group Therapy session.  As I imagine myself in a group...

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Do you have Attention Deficit Disorder?

ADHD means Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.   Kids who are diagnosed with this disorder are usually hyperactive.   As adults,  we don’t have...

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Ahhhh, now I know! Mystery Solved!

Months ago, when I was still an active member, everytime I check, read and commented at  my friends' posts, the points I got will...

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Content Author: What's it all about?

I have been here in Virily for a long time.   In fact,  I have been here for 3 loooooong years.   I have...

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Simple things that will make you smile.

Pineapple.  This is one of my favorite fruits.  This picture was taken in one of the provinces in Phuket.   In Thailand it is...

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