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Ripening ~ 365 Photos Challenge #5

Mountaineering is half the health. This is the mountain Prenj at the transition from the mediterranean to the continental climate scope. More precisely, this...

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Less known facts about bananas

We all love bananas. And many things about this plant you probably do not know.

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Stonecut ~ 365 Photos Challenge #4

Stećci Medieval Tombstone Graveyards Stećak is a tombstone of great magnitude, weighing a few tons. In my environment there are 70 000 such stone boulders!...

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Luxuriate ~ 365 Photos Challenge #3

Spring came to my part of the world. May be for many Europeans the most beautiful part of the year. Everything blooms and life...

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Blue umbrella ~ 365 Photos Challenge #2

Blog is a powerful tool. It allows you to share your thoughts and (or) experience with people you do not know, and can be...

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