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Famous painting in Video clips

Once I see a certain painting in a clip I will always have the curiosity to read more details about it. The first Video...

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It’s not a matter of choice (Eating Animals)

People in the past did horrible things to black men because they thought they are not the same as white people they could "prove"...

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Bao Xishun, the World’s Tallest Man

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a> This is Bao from China, tallest man in the world. He is 57 years old, and his high is 2.361 meters He might...

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Hi guys, It seems that with time our societies become less and less respecting and less sensitive to others, that can be in any matter,...

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The meaning of your name

I always love to learn about new things in life, and that included the meaning of names, their origins and etc. A name can...

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