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Most of us have been on several failed social sites like Virily. And I for one do not want to be on another.  There are several things we can all do that will help make Virily succeed:

  • Share other people’s work – we all share our own work on twitter etc. but the more we share each other’s work the better. I’ve found that I get quite a bit of traffic coming from tweets where I’ve shared other people’s work – Virily automatically adds your referral ID so not only do you get ‘visit’ Virls – but you may also get benefit from new members joining your link.
  • Promote Virily – the more people that join the better. However, we should try and get people who are willing to create quality content and not simply span.
  • Don’t Spam –  if you are a member of Facebook you’ll know how annoying it is to see the same old meme, or posts that are trying to simply get Like or Share. If virily simply becomes the same then it will die – we need unique quality content, not just a re-hash of every other social site.
  • Interact – Virily has provided some great tools to interact. Not only can we comment, but more importantly we have fun items like quizzes and posts where we all can add pictures to. The more we interact, the more likely Virily will succeed.

At the end of the day, Virily will only survive if us users are interactive and not simply spamming to get money – money should never be the driver –the minute it becomes more about money, the minute it fails!


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Written by SimeyC


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  1. This is a great post. Let’s find each other on Twitter and promote each other’s work for a wider audience. Just a side note…your first sentence seemed a bit confusing to me. The words that stand out are “failed social sites like Virily” I know you didn’t mean it that way but I still had to read this twice:-)

  2. Thats great I originally joined Niume and then Virily hoping to make some money. But since, have found the real riches are the people who make them, not money.
    I’ve enjoyed seeing other people’s posts. reading about other parts of the world and other lifestyles and art work.
    I totally agree with the comment you make on this post. thanks

  3. OK, something that nobody mentioned is that if you like a website and use it I don’t think it hurts to click on an ad once in a while. You don’t have to buy stuff but it is a world of clicks and counters and bots and spiders – oh my. (lol) I make it a point to visit sponsors of sights I use and I think it helps.

  4. Great advice here. I try to follow all of your suggestions. Did you also write for the infamous and now-defunct Bubblews? That website was a scam unfortunately, whereas this one appears to be legit, and I am enjoying it so far! So let’s all do our best to make it a success.

    • I did write on Bubblews – and I was one of the fortunate ‘chosen’ that actually got paid. I don’t think they set out to be a scam, they just were not prepared for the ‘success’ of the site, and ultimately failed because revenue died and they could not pay!

  5. I think the main thing you are talking about is interacting and not just going through the profiles and placing +1 waiting for it to have a reward. Another key is the content. For the money hardly cover expenses to pay the light and the internet connection that is spent that would be the minimum since I do not speak of the time, effort and dedication that this supposes. Anyone who wants to make money on these websites is a little lost. I am because I love to follow you, to follow your work and evolution, and because many of you I have known from other times in other places. A greeting SimeyC.

    • Exactly. For a site like this to work we need real interaction! The money will never be that great – the friendships we all are building (on our third or fourth social site) are the true reason to be on a site like this! As you say, it’s a great thing for me to see people I have known for a year or more really improve their work!

  6. Yes hope this one will work out the best amongst all…I’m a big fan of Virily, so I sworn my allegiance here…Let’s all help each other for Virily’s success…Let’s celebrate once we reached at 1000 members…then on and on and on! 🙂

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