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Humor will keep us alive.

As the world self quarantines, fearing a devastating pandemic, it's important to understand that while we all languish in fear and anxiety, we need...

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So what is that great structure in the sky?

Cats, by nature, are inquisitive. We have a new cat in our house and she (Ludo) is very inquisitive. It took her about 3...

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A trip back in history

This week I went for a trip back in history. I visited a Strasbourg Pennsylvania a small own about an hour from Philadelphia. It...

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Be patient: wait for the right photo opportunity with children and animals.

They say that you shouldn't work with children or animals; this is mostly because of their unpredictability. Often, just at the moment when you...

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What is the best dog breed? (5 submissions)

Dogs are probably the most loyal of pets; they are always happy to see you, they love to play and they love to spend...

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