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Another Beautiful Day

With temperatures hitting the  80's it's  a good  day to  hang out on the  beach with the family. Just  getting  out and inhaling the...

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Furry Backyard Friend

Yesterday  afternoon  my  ten year old daughter  came  rushing  into the house. She literally  surprised  me "There's a bunny in the backyard! l wanna...

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Happy 4th of July

Wishing a happy Independence Day to my Virily friends and followers across  the U.S.A. Holidays are great times to share with family  and friends...

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The Shell Shop

l love  sea shells! Whenever I take a trip down to The Cape I always find always find myself in this second floor shop....

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Wandering Windmill

One of the most picturesque locations I visited on the Cape was the Judah Baker Windmill, named  after  its  original builder in 1791.  It...

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Another Beautiful Day

Furry Backyard Friend

Happy 4th of July

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