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To Succeed On Virily: “Start A Fire!”

Unfortunately, beating around the bush about branding here on Virily won’t get you anywhere and even if you know all the ins and outs of digital marketing and all of the best ways to boost your writing presence and how to promote your brand or name nothing will happen if you don’t get traffic.

A great friend once told me a well-known quote by Albert Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. I recently found myself stuck in such an insane rut and eventually realized that I was doing the same thing over and over again and not advancing, try as I might, I always found myself back in square one. I decided to change my writing and marketing strategy and started seeing different results.

In a nut shell, just before I pass on my bailout details to you, the one fundamental item of advice I would offer would be to “Always Keep Moving Forward”. This phrase was written on a piece of artwork on Facebook and set all the mental gears into motion. I was so enamored with the quote that I took a photo of the picture and have included it in some of my blogs. “Always Keep Moving Forward” really means a lot to me, because I believe that we can only accomplish goals by continuously moving forward, and of course, starting a fire.

People constantly become victims of their personal life challenges and situations. The moment life gets too tough, they adopt a negative perspective and thinking about how they should have been born into better circumstances, how much better life would be with more money; or how they should have been given more opportunities; or how things should have gone differently for them.

Tough as this is going to sound, the truth of the matter is that whether I am a part of it or not, life is going to happen – sometimes for better and sometimes for the worse. One true thing you will always have 100% control over is how you react to those events.

When you adopt a positive attitude, how can you not move forward? And when you always look for the good in every given situation, how can this fail? The real challenge is the need to keep motivating yourself to keep on moving in only one direction which is Forward!

It is my privilege to remind my readers that we can always learn from any given situation.

The one incredible way to move ahead is to Start A Fire! Your incredibly inspirational posts written or illustrated, which you publish here on Virily, really matters to someone who needs exactly what you have created, to lift up their spirits so they feel that life is precious, do it for them, start a wild, brush fire!


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  1. Nice post and thanks for the advice. I would like to share what I once heard and it has been a mantra whenever bad things happened -“it was just a fall and you scraped your knee. Have a rest, clean the wound. Then get up and experience what life has to offer”?

  2. What great advice and is so true. It’s all in the way we see things. One needs to learn from their mistakes. This piece has personal meaning to me because I have just gone through something. I stopped writing for almost two months. In that time things seemed to get worst for me. It wasn’t until I changed the way I was looking at what was going on that things started to get back into balance.

    • Hello Brenda Marie, thank you for sharing this information with the rest of us. Regardless of what trauma we experience, we always have a 100% choice of how we are going to respond. Dear friend, you are not alone in what you have experienced recently, the Master of the universe has seen to it, that no one will vaunt their worthiness. All in life is but by His grace.

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