Make Money Online By Participating In Studies Via Prolific Academic

Here is one website that I had been on for months and made a decent amount of British pounds. If you are into taking surveys then Prolific Academic might just work for you. Remember that this is not like the other survey sites that will eat up your precious time only to find out that you are not qualified. That is such a waste of your time right? Prolific Academic is a crowdsourcing community of people who love science. Researchers post studies and recruit the right participants fast. I find the studies fun and educational at the same time. Some of them took me two minutes and the longest is thirty minutes. Participants earn rewards in pounds while helping to advance human knowledge. So do not worry about those sales driven surveys that would request for your personal information. If you want to earn in pounds easily join now.

How do you get paid?

Right now payment is via Paypal. After completing a study, wait until your submission is approved by the researcher (usually within 1-3 days, sometimes longer). This short waiting period is important to ensure quality control. The payment threshold is only £5 with a small Paypal fee. If you want to minimise PayPal fees, then wait until you have accumulated £20 if you’re in the UK. Unfortunately you won’t avoid them entirely if you’re outside the UK. It normally takes less than 48 hours to process the payment but in times of high throughput it may take up to 5 days.

Who can participate in the studies?

Anyone can register and join. This is a world wide opportunity so worry not. You need to verify your email and a phone number or Facebook account before you can participate. You can tell right away if you are eligible to take part in the study or not, this eliminates the guessing and wasting time. Sometimes only certain demographics are required (example 20-40 year old male Medicine students from Birmingham, to give one example). Just be patient and check the site regularly for more studies. This is by far the only site that I use which is quite similar to surveys.

Below are the studies that I have participated in. If you are from the UK and or are the right demographics that they are looking for then you will have more studies available.


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  1. That’s yet another report that I have read from top to bottom…engaging stuff I mean. I’ll sure visit the site and see I am among those ‘eligible’ since I’ve tried several ‘possible’ surveys; all ending up on a not: “Sorry, your area doesn’t fall under our listed countries!!!

    • I see. Yes anyone can register. Maybe some researchers need a participant from your place. Should you be able to register you would know right away if you are qualified to participate in a study or survey. So no time was wasted. Hope it will work for you. Good luck.

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