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Exploration on the Atlantic island by oscarps

The Cies islands are an archipelago located to the northwest of the Iberian peninsula, in the mouth of the estuary of Vigo, part of...

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Evolution brothers by oscarps

By genetic and immunological studies, it has been possible to date the divergence between its evolutionary line and that of Gorilla 7-8 million years...

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Greeting to the camera by oscarps

Citroën is a French car manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën. The Citroën logo consists of two inverted spikes or inverted spikelets and...

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Flying Dragon by oscarps

The dragonfly male imposes his rights on a territory close to the water and defends him ferociously of all his rivals. When the female...

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Cold and heat by oscarps (4 submissions)

Sometimes the ice looks blue. The white light of the Sun is actually made up of a mixture of colors, from red to violet,...

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