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Mental Slavery

To give you a ‘non-offensive’ kind of example;

People now consider cigarettes evil and dangerous. Hence, all cigarettes are evil and dangerous. Seeing a cigarette one coughs and complains.

Jacky carries white pencils in a cigarette box. He takes out a pencil. People think it is a cigarette, cough and complain.

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This is what happens when you are programmed. Until you realise your mind has been shackled you can not free your body. Hence, told of the dangers of cigarettes, (although more people die of food related diseases) seeing an object which resembles a cigarette, the ‘knee-jerk’ is cough/complain.

In Jamaica every other person bleaches their skin. They get whiter and whiter until they are whiter than a Swede.

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This is because they believe that black is inferior, regardless of what they may say or do or pretend.

They will give excuses, they will go on as if there’s nothing strange about their appearance. But they will, when given the opportunity, betray their anti-black sentiments.

One might not have expected Black People in America to vote for Donald Trump.

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He is a racist. And his friendships are with those even more racist. His appointments are persons who please the Ku Klux Klan.

But there are Black People who support him, because they want to disassociate themselves from anything concerning ‘Black’.

More than half of all white women in America voted for Donald Trump.

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He’s said things about women, he’s behaved in a clear misogynist manner, but women supported him because they really do believe they are inferior. They really do believe they are sex objects and need to ‘please men’ to get ahead.

They really do agree that they should get less money then men for the same job. Their mental constructs place them in the 1950s when they were to be stay at home Moms waiting for THE MAN to come home.

In Orwell’s 1984 as well as in Huxleys Brave New World, people were discouraged from thinking.   They were to accept what they were told.

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In 1984 words were cut out of the language, so that ‘bad’ would be ‘ungood’.

Today, certain words and concepts are not ‘politically correct’ and so one is not to use them. The belief is that if one doesn’t say them, eventually one won’t be able to think them.

Many people today have no real opinion; they are told what to think. They are so programmed they read a story on Facebook and believe it.

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They believe because they have been programmed to have the opinion expressed.

They have been told that X is Bad so without any knowledge or proof, they automatically agree.   Any ‘attack’ on their position is met by anger and inarticulate rage because they can not express an intelligent reason why they believe X is bad.

In some cases, they will repeat a story they heard from a Facebook source as if it is absolutely true, and seem willing to die holding to that belief.

One can tell those who suffer mental slavery.


When a person is confronted with facts which destroy their mental construct they do not change their views. They might cease to speak to end the confrontation, and then simply, ‘reboot’, that is, go back to the last construct they held, deleting the facts which counter their mental slavery.

They have given their brains over to their ‘Masters’ and are afraid to retake control. So, when a free mind brings up something which counters their ‘chains’ they have a pause, then a ‘reboot’.

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Just as Jacky continually gets the false coughs and complaints with his pencils, those who are subjects of mental slavery, will never change their beliefs. Even when proven wrong, even when facts, hard facts are in their face, they cling to their chains.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. Wow~ I have not read something so judgmental in a long time. I think that labeling someone you have spoken with in person face to face a racist is premature. You would have to do more that watch and listen to media to learn of someones heart. I am not impressed.

    • We aren’t politically correct in Jamaica. We say what we mean. We are difficult to fool. Where others will listen to Fox news or some other mind melder, we get our news from different sources which are not linked.

  2. You are right about so many people being brainwashed, but unfortunately a lot of that is the product of the so-called Information Age. I am old enough to remember when we got by perfectly OK without the Internet and smartphones, and frankly, people did seem to think for themselves more then! They weren’t constantly being bombarded with all of this information overload, fake news, misinformation, online hoaxes and scams, etc. It really is too much these days. No wonder a lot of young people seem to be turning into mindless zombies!

  3. That’s an interesting view about why American women voted for Trump. Would British women have done the same? I really don’t think so, because we Brits are much better at thinking for ourselves. The state visit of Trump to the UK has been postponed because the government are scared stiff of the size of the protests that will greet him should he dare to set foot on these shores – and women will be in the forefront of those protests.

    • You are quite right. British women would not have voted for a common dotard as Trump who makes the guy who sweeps the streets seem like an Earl.

      The U.K. is right, you don’t need him there. We don’t want him in jamaica. In fact, when the VP Pence came, it was secret.

      He landed, unknown, taken to a closed meeting, then taken back and gone, before the people knew about it.

      We would have had violent protests.

        • That is very true. Pence is as bad as Trump. America has never, to my knowledge ever elected such garbage. There was a similar situatiton with Nixon and Agnew, and Agnew had resigned and when Nixon resigned he appointed Gerald Ford who was a decent chap.

  4. This is a very powerful piece, it is written in a literary pleasing style. Its very spirit reaches out to thinkers of the world. Also, it is spiked with controversy, and as such, betrays the presence of an astute mind. In meeting you on that level, and in no way diminishing your capacity to reason, could you and possibly I, both, consider those immortal words of Bob Marley’s above, and free even your own form of mental slavery to a no less avaricely opposing view of President Trump? I am saying, that, the intelligence level at which you are writing from, begs of you to find even one significantly positive aspect to say about him, a kind of mind-flexing challenge, so to speak, perhaps looking beyond the obvious, which lead you say:” More than half of all white women in America voted for Donald Trump.” Really try and find a Che’ Guevara in him, somewhere. So, there, I have thrown you the gauntlet… Regardless of how you will respond, to this comment, I will continue visiting your page whenever I am in need of invigorating literary cuisine. -Tranquilpen

    • Using Donald Trump. who has spent his entire life trying to amass money for himself and Che Guevara, who gave up a medical practice to work for the rights of the oppressed, is a logical absurdity.

      Trump is what he is. He is a straight up racist, and always has been and makes no apologies for it. He became president to benefit himself, his business interests.


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