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Youngest Daughter ~ 365 Photos Challenge #6

All of today’s work activities, plus severe traffic congestion, are quite exhausting. Going home and meeting all the family members is the most fun thing.

On my way home, my youngest daughter called and confirmed that she had gone to the cinema with some of her classmates as she had told me earlier in the day, besides also asking me to see her for a few things. When she saw me coming to an agreed place to meet, she stood up, hugged and kissed both of my cheeks. I reply by kissed her brow. All her friends stood up and held out their hands to shake my hands.

After briefly talking about some of the things she wanted to say, I prepared to leave her with her friends. Remembered that I did not have a photo to display as the sixth photo of the 365-day challenge. I asked to take a picture of her just before I left. Here she is…

Well, the family is the main and most important part of my life, as are you all. So maintaining family harmony to always be in the beauty of compassion, peace, and happiness is a principle that must be translated into proactive and real action throughout the ages.

Have a good day, all my best friends.

In particular, through this post, I nominate Cassy Janine to participate in this challenge. Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge. Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.

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  1. Albert truly your wisdom is beyond compare. You have captured the critical nature of families, the importance of time, and of course the moments to both capture and treasure.

    Thank you master for sharing this brilliance with us!


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