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My Little Susie – 365 Photos Challenge #3

About two weeks ago, I accompanied my youngest daughter to buy something at the store near the house on foot. When we were on the way back, about 50 m before arriving home, my daughter warned me,

“Look out Daddy, be careful of your steps!”.

“What? …why?”

“Look at that! there’s a kitten under your feet, she’s following you!”

She’s right. A kitten followed my steps, sometimes trotting ahead. If I stop, she also stops. Keep following until we get home. Since then we take care of her, even though my oldest daughter is allergic to fur. What else can I do?

Susie, that’s the name I gave her. I estimate she’s only a month old. She is very jealous, if I carry up her in my arms (she always jumps into my lap), no one may touch me. If sleepy, she climbs up my body and sneaks under my chin for rubbing. If I stop wiping it she will protest.

This photo was taken four days ago. I’m sure she was curious about the other cats in Virily, unfortunately, she clicked the wrong button so that the other cat just disappeared. As I told Carol yesterday, I will post a picture of her curious about what I’m doing.

This is my third entry for my 365 Photos Challenge. See also: Perfection – 365 Photos Challenge #1 and Bonsai Seeds – 365 Photos Challenge # 2

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge. Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. She is precious! My one cat Zinger is obsessive with me. hate anyone to get too c lose to me. She whines like most of the day, and even though I love her it gets tiring. Petting him makes him bite hard, so what can I do lol

    • It seems that I will have the same fate as you are about this. My wife is very fussy about hygiene, so if Susie wants to enter the house she should be clean, and so I’m the one who holds her scratches and hard bites when she is cleaned after playing in the backyard or after…

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