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365 Photos Challenge

365 Photos Challenge

I’m starting a 365 Photos Challenge here at Virily. I have encountered and did this challenge while I was an active member in  In Redgage it was called 365 Photo-a-day challenge or 365 days challenge. For me though it was a self imposed challenge, which unfortunately lasted only about a month for me. I’m going to start this challenge here at Virily, but with a little twist.  While it was a self-imposed challenge for me in Redgage, here I will pass the challenge to the other members of this site. Those who are challenged and decides to accept this challenge are required to challenge the others as well.

Goals of this Challenge.

365 Photos in one year.

The main goal is to upload one photo a day for 365 days or one year. Thus, assuring the participant to do at least one post a day at Virily.

Help each other.

  • By passing the challenge to other active members, you are encouraging them to upload at least once a day as well.
  • By mentioning/linking  the account of the other members you pass the challenge to, you are exposing their account to other members.
  • Also, by linking the post where you received the challenge, (See the rules/guideline) you are helping the one who challenged you.

Rules / Guidelines For this Challenge.

I. Who can join this challenge?

Any member of Even if you were not challenged yet by other members yet, decides to join the challenge anyway, you can do so.

II. Accepting The Challenge

  • Once you received and accept the challenge, you acknowledge that you do by commenting on the post where you got the challenge.
  • On your first post, you must mention the one who challenged you (create a link to his/her account) and link to the post where your received the challenge.
  • Pass the challenged to one up to three members to other members.

III. Passing the Challenge to others.

  • Pass the challenge on your first post, by mentioning their account name/id . You challenge upto three members on your first post and only two afterwards.
  • To ensure, they receive the challenge send a private message to them with the link to your post.
  • When you pass the challenge, link to this post for this rule/guideline.
  • You can pass only once in every seven posts. (Let’s give chance to others)

IV. One Photo a day.

  1. The member who decides to accept this challenge is required to post one photo a day.
  2. Use Your Original Photos. This is a must. All photos must taken by you personally, or you are in it.
  3. Only most recent photos. The photo is not necessarily taken on that day, but should be taken within 7 days.
  4. Any device will do. The photo could be taken using any device, smart phone, tablet, digital cameras, DSLR, etc…
  5. Quality Photos Only. Please upload only quality photos. Photos that would catch the interest of other viewers as well.
  6. No Series – Please don’t upload a series of photos having the same subject for several days. It would be beneficial for your to upload them in a gallery instead.
  7. Subject of Photos – the photo could be of any subject as long as it does not violate the TOC of this site.
  8. Title of Post. The post must have the following format : <short title of photo>- 365 Photos Challenge # n. Where <short title of photo > is … well… short title of your photo, and is the entry number. e.g. “My Breakfast Today – 365 Photos Challenge # 23”.  
  9. Type of post – You can post your photo under image or story if you want to include a background story of the photo.
  10. Tag Your Entries – tag your entries 365_Photos_Challenge. You may add other tags as well.
  11. In case you skipped a day or two you can still go on by uploading the equivalent number of photos you have skipped.

V. Multimedia sharing

When you share your post to any of your social-media accounts, please use the hashtags #365_Photos_Challenge. This way, I can search for your entries on my social-media account  as well and share them.

Participants, are also encouraged to share them as well to increase exposure.

Reward for completing the challenge.

It is suffice to say that doing this challenge is self rewarding.

  1. You will be encouraged to upload a new photo each day until it becomes a habit. More photos, means more conents, means more virils for you.
  2. Train of links. As mentioned in the rules/guidelines, you will put a link to your previous post on your latest post. Thus creating a train of links from your latest entry to the very first.

The three members that I will pass this challenge to ..

will be mentioned on my first entry, after this.


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Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


  1. Great challenge. i don’t take that many photos. I don’t have a camera on my sell photo. And I rarely take photos with my camera and post. But, I am thinking of joining the challenge in the New year.

    • You can join the challenge anytime, Brenda. You can use your phone camera for this. I have been using my phone in taking the photos I uploaded for this challenge. And the camera is just 8MP.

      No need to have expensive equipment. 🙂

  2. Hey John, You stated to use this tag #365_photos_challenge, but on your posts for the challenge you have changed the tag to #365 Photo Challenge Which tag should we use, there is already a bunch coming into the first tag, and thats the one I have been sharing. Just a clarification.

    • When I type in to the search engine the later one without the underscores and photos changed to photo, the title tag shows, everyone who titles their post 365 Photo Challenge comes up, so I guess it works both ways.

      • Yeah. It works. I think it slipped my mind that there should not be using underscore here. But I used the underscore when I tweeted. Since the virtual keyboard learns what I type, the underscored version always comes up on the suggested word so I instinctively used it. Anyways Virily seems to interpret _ and – as a space.

        The search results would also show the quote challenge 🙂

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  3. If I didn’t have any other sites to work on I’d accept the challenge, but right now I don’t want to commit to anything daily. I don’t always have control over my schedule. I’ll enjoy seeing what others post, though.

    • And you can jump right in anytime to join the fun. Or you could 3 days more so I could nominate you, or someone else would. (why did I ever put that in rule? Hehehe)

      • I was nominated by Ileana! Thanks a bunch, cool project. I was thinking there was a loophole to speak, Someone could post weekly 7 photos from each day lol when times are tough or tight. winks.

          • Well, I intended it that way. . Originally I was thinking of strictly one photo a day. But from my experience on that challenge, it can’t be avoided to miss a day or two. So, thought I’d put a little slack on the rules and allow us to make up in case we missed some days.
            I will be looking forward for your posts. 🙂

  4. I would like to do this as well…I’ll have to bookmark this as well….but it sounds like a lot of fun. I did a 365 day photo challenge on Redgage too but never finished because they stopped paying.

  5. I will have to bookmark the rules. This time of the year sometimes I do not take photos for a week or so. But you have challenged me so I will do my best.