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Perfection – 365 Photos Challenge #1

Today starts day one of a 365 Photos Challenge started by artbytes26.

I accepted the challenge of John from his post Beach View – 365 Photos Challenge #1 and accordance with the challenge, I have to post one photo every day, unfortunately, in recent years I rarely take any photos. Well, I think this challenge deserves to be a motivation for me, and for that I am grateful to John @Artbyte.

This first photo is a statue measuring 30 x 20 cm made of silver with a frame of teak wood. An old stuff.

This statue symbolizes perfection in Javanese philosophy. Men and women, masculine and feminine, rough and smooth, complete both as a single unity. Perfection lies in “yes” and “no”, in good and bad, cannot be just one of them.

The three Virily users/friends I would like challenge are:

@Anastasia Vsplyshka @Della @Ãrsalan Âìjãz

*Be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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