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Outdoor Activities That Make Me Happy – My Happy List

This post is edited because the photos were missing. I am sorry if the edit causes someone trouble, but it’s a dear post to me.You can still join the challenge. See more details here and don’t forget to use “My Happy List” in the title.

Here are some of the activities I enjoy doing outdoors. My favourite days are the sunny cold days when the weather isn’t too hot, but I can enjoy the warmth of the sun rays. As you know, this post is a part of my challenge called My Happy List. The topics for this week are related to the beauty around us and the awesome activities we can practice outside. What about you, what are your favourite outdoor activities? Everybody is welcome to join! All the photos are mine. 

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#1 Spending time observing the birds

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#2 Enjoying a nice dish or a cup of cappuccino

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#3 Enjoying the sunset

#4 Seeing flowers and blooming trees

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#5 Visiting new places

#6 Going to the beach

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#7 Playing in the snow

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      • I’ve had some 2 rounds of bad luck with articles a year ago and now I also have some missing pictures. Almost everyone does. I was gone from here for 10 months or more. I think they recently did a lot of work on the site and are not finished. I don’t know much. I think it will be resolved later.

        • That’s true, everyone does. I hope we won’t have this problem in the future, but I am not sure the missing photos will be back. If we were able to edit our published posts, we could upload the photos manually.

          • I sent an email to support and asked to have them put them in drafts so I could replace the photos and got no response what-so-ever. None.
            The first time for me was a lot worse and whole articles disappeared and the link would go to a submission, … anyway, I got those put in drafts but gave up on rewriting them after I fixed a couple. The site was so slow.
            So many people left – and I feel like maybe they don’t like my content or it’s not the kind of stuff they want. I’m hesitant to post right now. Oh well, we’ll see I guess.

        • You shouldn’t take anything personally. Maybe some people only want the reward points and they don’t really care about the content, but it doesnt mean your posts aren’t interesting. If you enjoy it, it’s always worth it to keep uploading. 🙂
          As for the admins, I understand that they probably have a lot of work, but it’s still frustrating not to receive any answer from them.

          • Oh well. Since March the page views on Virily are way up! So, they are going in the right direction and even if I don’t post stuff I’m still helping. Plus I have other things, other places, real life, movie editing, …. to do. I’ve been neglecting Ello and it’s fun; but, mostly I’m trying to finish a deer video. I have a couple of new films I haven’t posted here – abstract ones. I am not sure anybody but me likes those. Things will be fine –> I do page views and click on an ad or two. Cheers!

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