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Lake Atanasovsko: The Amazing Pink Lake In Burgas

Lake Atanasovsko is a salt coastal lake north of Burgas, Bulgaria. It is located in direct proximity of the Black Sea.

I had seen photos of pink lakes from around the world many times, but I was really surprised that there’s such a place in Bulgaria too. It’s definitely a lot more impressive to see it in person, especially when the water is dark pink or almost red. However, I think that the photos speak for themselves.

Microscopic brine shrimp that lives in the lake is responsible for the bizarre pink color of the water.

The lake provides medicinal mud and lye, which are very valuable for the local people. You can see lots of people lying in the lake and they swear by its healing properties. However, I wasn’t brave enough to get into the water.

Also, the lake supplies about 40,000 tons of salt every year.

Another interesting thing about the lake is the diversity of flora and fauna. The lake is on the important Via Pontica bird migration route and it’s one of the key ornithological locations in Bulgaria, with 314 species of birds being present (12 of which are globally endangered).

lake Atanaskovo

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