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Pied Avocet in Lake Pomorie, Bulgaria

The pied avocet is a black and white migratory wader. These birds have long, upturned beaks and long bluish legs. They forage in shallow brackish water or on mud flats, and they mainly eat crustaceans and insects.

I took these photos at Lake Pomorie, Bulgaria. Lake Pomorie is a lake located near the Bulgarian town of Pomorie. The lake is an important source of salt and curative mud, and it’s part of Via Pontica – the second largest avian migratory route in Europe. This is the reason for the great diversity of birds in the region of the lake: there are more than 200 bird species, some of which are globally endangered, including the pied avocet. It’s a great place for bird watchers.

The sound they make is really cute too! You can hear it on Wikipedia.

Pied avocets in flight at sunset

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  1. I love taking pictures of birds. We used to, in Indiana have Blue Heron’s stalking the edge of the retention pond that was the end of our back yard. I spent hours taking pictures of them! But, you sunset picture was by far the best!

    You have an amazing eye for the moment to capture with the camera!

  2. Great photographs. Cool post, I haven’t seen them, except in pictures. I think I watched a documentary one time on these, very neat and handy beaks.

  3. Very beautiful photos and well written accompaniments. Wish I’d been there! Here, in Thailand, the bird watching is great (because of the heat and the insects and the humidity) and the bee-eaters and drongos are everywhere. Asian openbills fly over like winged reptiles. If you get a chance, come bird watch here (hornbills very impressive, too!).

    • Thank you so much Jonathan! I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand, these amazing birds are another reason to do it! We have bee-eaters here in Bulgaria too but I’ve never seen them. The hornbills and the Asian openbills look amazing!