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Adorable Cat – If they could talk…

Here’s my post for Elenka‘s animal challenge. I loved this idea because I love animals and you can get very creative with the challenge. However, my story is a little more prosaic.

I met this beautiful cat at a restaurant in Burgas, Bulgaria. There were two or three different cats sleeping on the chairs. I was impressed and happy to see that the staff let them sleep in the restaurant since they usually keep animals away.

The cats didn’t look hungry, but they definitely had a good appetite. If this kitty could talk, maybe they’d say, “I’m so adorable, why don’t you share your food with me?” Unfortunately, I was eating an almond dessert, and I don’t think it’s safe for cats, so I didn’t share it.

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Can You Recognize This Cat’s Emotion?

#1 “Oh, sweet almond dessert, how beautiful you are!”

He eventually decided to join our table. 

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#2 “I’m so adorable, why don’t you share your food with me?”

It was difficult to resist!

    • I tend to think that they are female when they are so adorable too, but this one actually reminds me of a boy cat I had, maybe that’s why I refered to it as a he.

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Written by ellie925


  1. I remember this story once told and maybe it was by you as a matter of fact. I think it is also nice when the cats can sleep in restaurants if have no home to go to. Cats can talk. I believe it is that maybe we cannot understand them at times. They have their own language like we do. I talk to my cat and if she wants to answer me she will. If not, she ignores me or does not say anything until she feels she wants to talk. She may listen to me or not. I speak to her in English and at times in Hebrew and she understands me.

    • I also believe they have their own language and we can have communication with them that goes beyond words. It’s wonderful to spend time around cats. I don’t have a pet anymore but there are outdoor cats we feed and play with. I am always happier after that.

  2. You are right it is not safe to share that dessert with a cat. Cats do talk. I would say most humans do not understand what they are saying to us.

  3. You have to watch what you feed an animal. I learned. I used to feed my dog and cat I had the same food but learned not good for them. Now, I just feed my Sophie cat food.

  4. She is saying: “Look at me — yes, like that girl — look at me. Now, feel guilty — feel guilty because you are eating and not inviting me. Hooman — smh — heartless, heartless hooman.” And the picture of your coconut almond cookie with dripping chocolate is tempting — not good, not good, Ellie lol

  5. I love a lot of cats. But unfortunately, I can not have a cat or a dog at home. Just the landlords do not allow animals in the apartment. Here in Torrevieja Spain there are many stray cats. All fed. You can also meet them in the bars to the tables. Thank you for joining the challenge.