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Hero Cat Saves A Child – Saturday Critters (Video)

This story is from a few years ago but I think it deserves to be shared again.

A neighbor’s dog attacked a child and the family cat reacted just in seconds and rescued the boy. The first video shows what happened and in the second video you can see an interview with the family.

The cover photo is taken by me and doesn’t show the cat in the videos. 


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  1. I think I remember this story. Thank you for sharing it again. I do not mind seeing how cats save someone even if I saw it before. Usually, you see dogs saving someone so it is a pleasure to know that cats do it too.

  2. I believe that if this cat was a member of the family his instinct to protect his hooman friend got the best of him or her. A dog can and often reacts the same way. The dog who attacked might have been homeless or annoyed by the noise of the bike or etc. This is a great story and a reminder that pets when they are treated properly and with love will give their all to be your best friend and protector…

    • Yes, there are many similar stories about dogs but cats, despite their size, can be just as protective and effective when their human is in danger.

      In the video they say it’s their neighbor’s dog, the neighbors let the door open and it ran out. The child’s leg was hurt and needed stitches. What is impressive for me is the quick reaction of the cat.


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