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Gotta Love Cats – Wacky Wednesday

Cats are always so entertaining! The funny faces you see in this collage here are the result of seeing or smelling a piece of sausage. One day I was feeding the stray cats in the area, and I decided to take a quick snap of them too. I figured out that the food will make them look at the camera, but I didn’t expect such faces. Anyway, they had their food and I got my photos, so I think we were all happy in the end.

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  1. Wow you have quite a collection of feline friends. The wide open eyed cat was my favorite expression of surprise at his luck or something… Runt, my cat, is very difficult when it comes to feeding time. He never says no to dry food but as for moist or human food he is super difficult. But on the other hand, his snow shoes paws are awesome and his goofiness is maybe unparalleled…

  2. Those are awesome shots of cats. One of the outside cats here called Tux gets milk from me. He is very fond of milk. Outside my door is a chair he loves sleeping on. One day I opened my door to put a small bowl of milk next to him on the chair. He got a bit frightened because he had been sleeping so at first, he snarled at me. Then when I asked Who are you snarling at? and he saw the milk he looked very sorry for what he had done


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