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Me, Myself And I….. Quiz

Scrolling down some older posts of Norman Darlington, I came upon a quiz about himself. There, he suggested that all of us, Virilians, make quizzes about ourselves as a funny way to get to know each others better. It seemed like a good idea, so I decided to accept it. And here it is- a quiz about myself, where I ask you questions about me. πŸ˜€

  • My name is Zaklina. What would be that name in English?

    • Zacharia
    • Jacqueline
    • Selene
  • My nick name Maca is…..?

    • Shorten from Zaklina
    • Shorten from my forename
    • A pet name for a cat
  • I am crazy about……?

    • Crocheting and poetry
    • Animals and recycling
    • Parties and glamour
  • The year of my birth is in a song of Bryan Adams. When is it?

    • Summer of ’69
    • Spring of ’77
    • Winter of ’56
  • How many (human) children do I have?

    • One daughter
    • Two sons
    • A son and a daughter
  • How many furry children do I have?

    • Two cats and a dog
    • Two dogs and a cat
    • Two dogs and nineteen cats
  • Which is my favorite art and craft medium?

    • Oil painting
    • Paper mache
    • Wood carving
  • What is my favorite art and craft style?

    • Retro
    • Pop art
    • Fantasy

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  1. Hey I got full marks: 100%, although I wasn’t totally certain of each answer πŸ™‚ That’s a lot of cats!
    Is your first letter Π– (Ε½), so that your name sounds the same as the French version? (The English name is borrowed from the French, but in English we pronounce the first letter like Π”Π–)

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