Why There is no #Me Too in Jamaica

In the early 1990s  Jamaica was considering  a law against Sexual Harassment.   The majority of women fought the mere mention of that law down, so it was dropped.

This is because back riding is the way to success.

The usual corruption is bed/blood/favour…

‘ that is the gal who shares Big Man’s bed gets the job.  She could be unqualified or the least qualified of all candidates.

If there is no gal, then it goes to Big Man’s son or daughter or other relative.

Third in  favour;  that is a political ‘contribution’, the awarding of a contract, something which puts Big Man in debt and he pays by appointment to  the job.

The job is an over paid sinecure with little work, lots of benefits, and big pension.

Women either learn that they have to ‘give to get’ or they don’t get.  It doesn’t matter if they did the work, if they are the best candidate, if they haven’t ridden on their backs, they don’t get the job.

As women know this, they don’t have to worry too much about education, grades, work, any of the usual paths to success.  They find a Big Man and lie down.

The Big Man whether married or not will ‘help’ the woman in life.  He will often set her in a flat, buy her a car, and get her that cushy job when he’s wanting to call it quits.

It works well.   He gets a gal he can slam when he pleases, and when he wants to dump her, he gets her the job as her pay off.  She keeps her mouth shut and goes on with her life.

Once and a while a Big Man will get a Big Job for his Wife, but mostly, it is his gal.

Any gal who gets an appointment, the first question is; ‘who she sleeping with?’  (sometimes asked in NSFA language).

This is how it goes in Jamaica.  This is why there is no law against sexual harassment.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar