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Pictures of me!

Hello everyone! So I decided to make a post with pictures of myself to show you a little more about me and what I really am! Most of these pictures are really old (I’m seventeen now and I was fifteen when I took them) but they are the best pictures I have of me.

I really like being here on Virily with lots of diferente people from all over the world and getting to know all of you, thank you for the continued support! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below… It can be a fact, where you live, what you do for a living, anything! Let’s get to know each other!


What do you think?

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  1. Nice to know you, Beatriz. Nice to see your smiling face. I also like to laugh, I am the mother of one son, but I also have two grandchildren. I live in a countryside, I have a garden, a cat, I love walking and exploring new places

  2. I’m another Tsu evacuee, but I don’t remember if we were connected there. It was a very big site. I do like your smile. Even though I’m old enough to be your grandmother, I think we’d find we have plenty to talk about were we to have tea together. When I was in high school and college my favorite sports or outdoor activities were walking, bowling, archery, basketball, and bike riding. Now I stick to walking. That I can do alone and it’s free.

  3. Hi Beatriz! Nice to see your smiling face! I know a fact you didn’t mention. You are really kind, and take wonderful photos. You are very wise for your age, and your posts are fun!
    About me, I live in San Diego, California, USA, I am 55 years young, I love animals and photography. I am a dog groomer, mother of two sons, and one grandson!


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