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Get with this Phrasal Verbs Quiz (See what I did there?)

Phrasal verbs are phrases that give verbs completely different meanings. They are made up of a verb (such as ‘get’) plus a particle (like ‘with’), and the result has a new meaning: ‘to get with’ means ‘to understand’; ‘get the phone’ means ‘answer the phone’, etc. They are used frequently in everyday conversation, which makes them important to know. So check out your knowledge of them in this fun quiz ? You might learn a thing or two!

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  • Question of

    If you wish to show support for a team at a sporting event, what do you do to them?

    • Cheer them up
    • Cheer them on
    • Cheer them over
  • Question of

    Which is a person most likely to come up with?

    • A plan
    • A fever
    • A packed lunch
  • Question of

    Which means to get revenge?

    • Get across
    • Get back to
    • Get back at
  • Question of

    Which does NOT mean to surrender?

    • Give in
    • Give up
    • Give out
  • Question of

    Which means to spend time with someone?

    • Hang over
    • Hang in
    • Hang out
  • Question of

    Which does ‘take out’ NOT mean?

    • To kill
    • To describe
    • To date
  • Question of

    Once you drive past a slower vehicle, you have ____ it

    • Undertaken
    • Overtaken
    • Undertook
  • Question of

    Which does ‘bring up’ NOT mean?

    • Ensure
    • Vomit
    • Mention
  • Question of

    Which means ‘to visit someone briefly’?

    • Drop by
    • Drop over
    • Drop in
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    Which does ‘put out’ NOT mean?

    • Irritate by asking a favour
    • Grant sexual favours
    • Extinguish
    • Tolerate
  • Question of

    To exercise, to reach a compromise, and to find a solution, can all be expressed by which phrasal verb?

    • Work around
    • Work out
    • Work in
  • Question of

    Which can mean both to find by chance, and to give an impression?

    • Come across
    • Come over
    • Come around


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