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The Great Homophone Quiz – Part 2

Homophones are words which sound similar but have different meanings. In each case below, I give you a meaning and you choose the correct word from the homophones which follow. Easy-peasy? Of course it is!

This is part 2 of a multipart quiz. Part 1 is here.

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  • Question of

    If you say something nice about someone, you pay them one

    • complement
    • compliment
  • Question of

    Another word for disagreement

    • descent
    • dissent
  • Question of

    The one who prevents publication of certain material

    • censor
    • censer
    • sensor
  • Question of

    Belonging to them

    • their
    • there
    • they’re
  • Question of

    A simultaneous arrangement of musical notes

    • cord
    • chord
  • Question of

    Part of a drum kit

    • symbol
    • cymbal
  • Question of

    To refer to something as evidence or justification

    • site
    • sight
    • cite
  • Question of

    Rough or unfinished

    • coarse
    • course
  • Question of


    • boarder
    • border
  • Question of

    A type of corn native to North America

    • maize
    • maze
  • Question of

    Separate and distinct

    • discrete
    • discreet
  • Question of

    Relating to the ear or hearing

    • oral
    • aural
  • Question of

    A special aptitude or ability

    • flair
    • flare
  • Question of

    Relating to war

    • marshal
    • martial


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