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Training for a 5k or 10k ………(Part two)

Following on from my last post, I have continued training for 5k runs with the intention of building up to a 10k run in...

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Training for a 5k or 10k……….. (Part one)…..

I have trained in gyms for many years which has involved resistance training using mainly free weights; additionally I have always completed aspects of...

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Our wonderful greyhound…….

This page shares with you a few photographs of our wonderful pet greyhound; we have owned him for almost one year and could not...

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Fitness training over the holidays…

Maintaining fitness training during the festive period can be incredibly challenging, as day to day routines may change drastically leading to greater demands on...

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When workout motivation deserts you………..

……. Unfortunately, it happens to us all at some stage or another; using myself as an example, I have been training at gyms for...

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