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DIVIDED BY A COMMON TONGUE: A Quiz about the Differences between American and European English

America and the rest of the English-speaking world are united by a shared language, but there are still occasions when that common tongue lets us down. This fun quiz focuses on those linguistic mismatches. In each question, you’ll be given an American term and have to choose the most appropriate European English equivalent. Check out how well you know how we speak in Ireland and Britain! And be sure to share your results in the comments 🙂

Cover image composite of this (public domain) and this (creative commons).

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    What do we call sneakers in Ireland and Britain?

    • Trainers
    • Bussers
    • Boaters
  • Question /

    How do we say ‘second floor’ over here?

    • Ground floor
    • First floor
    • Next floor
  • Question /


    • Airoplane
    • Aerplane
    • Aeroplane
  • Question /


    • Crunchies
    • Crisps
    • Munchies
  • Question /


    • Biscuit
    • Scone
    • Muffin
  • Question /

    Cotton candy

    • Dental candy
    • Cotton floss
    • Candy floss
  • Question /


    • Walkacross
    • Zebra crossing
    • Crossstripe
  • Question /


    • Aubergine
    • Purple zucchini
    • Tomato egg
  • Question /


    • Uplift
    • Floorlift
    • Lift
  • Question /


    • Rubber
    • Condom
    • Razor
  • Question /


    • Frenchies
    • Chips
    • Chunkies
  • Question /


    • Petrol
    • Diesel
    • Gasoil
  • Question /


    • Beanie
    • Cap
    • Bonnet
  • Question /

    Parking lot

    • Parker
    • Autopark
    • Carpark
  • Question /


    • Jumper
    • Leaper
    • Tanker
  • Question /


    • Corry
    • Lorry
    • Torry
  • Question /


    • Vacancy
    • Vactime
    • Holiday
  • Question /


    • English cucumber
    • Shamrock fruit
    • Cornette
    • Corvette
    • Courgette


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  1. Imagine the horror of realizing I got 14 out of 18 right. First, I’ve done so many of your quizzes that my English is showing.

    As a loyal American I am going to make this quiz great again by taking it again and failing to get a single one right!

  2. 12/18, not bad because the ones I missed were about food which I am not good at. Since am a citizen of a country that was colonized by British, we speak European English since it is what we are taught in school. Sometimes we mix it with American English from the movies, songs and conversations with Americans which leads to many of us confused which English is which.

    Over here if you say you saw John wearing a panty, it means he was wearing inner wear whereas the person might have meant he wore a trouser (American:). That’s why it is hard for me to write an European English only. It will get mixed with American, consciously or not.

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