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The Great Homophone Quiz – Part 3

Homophones are words which sound similar but have different meanings. In each case below, I give you a meaning and you choose the correct word from the homophones which follow. Easy-peasy? Of course it is!

This is part 3 of a multipart quiz. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

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  • Blood-sucking parasite, once much used by doctors

    • Leach
    • Leech
  • An escape of liquid or gas from a pipe

    • Leak
    • Leek
  • A deep open crack in a glacier

    • Crevice
    • Crevasse
  • Weird

    • Bazaar
    • Bizarre
  • What young lambs do in spring

    • Gamble
    • Gambol
  • You might win this at a sporting event

    • Medal
    • Meddle
  • Remove wool from sheep, for example

    • Sheer
    • Shear
  • “She gave ____ on a raft, ____ along by the stream’s current”

    • Berth, Born
    • Birth, Borne
    • Berth, Bourn
    • Birth, Born
  • One of these must be plunged through the heart of a vampire to do it in

    • Steak
    • Stake
  • Scoop water out of a boat

    • Bale
    • Bail
    • Baal
  • Thanking his god, the cat ____ upon the occasional churchmouse

    • Praise
    • Prays
    • Preys
  • It is used to attach oxen to a plough

    • Yoke
    • Yolk
  • A solemn ceremony

    • right
    • rite
    • wright
    • write
  • Level or destroy

    • raze
    • raise
    • rays
  • As he jumped from the roof, he prayed that the thick snow would _____ the impact

    • Lessen
    • Lesson

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