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Robin Biznis November 22.2019, Belgrade, Serbia

Regards to all.

Here we have one quiz with eight questions from different fields.

I’ll ask you eight questions,

I will give three answers to each question.

Only one is correct.

Your job is to answer with the correct answer.

The more correct answers, the greater your knowledge.

Hope you have success.

Good luck.

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    Do you know how old is the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine that grows in the White Mountains of California?

    • 3280 yers
    • 3962 years
    • 4852 years
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    Do you know whose opera is called Dutch wanderer, The original title in German is: Der fliegende Holländer?

    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Wilhelm Wagner
    • Gustav Maler
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    Do you know who is the oldest member of the former best-known group: The Beatles? , I mean the last and standard composition?

    • John Winston Lennon
    • Sir James Paul McCartney
    • Richard Starkey is known as Ringo Starr
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    Do you know what is the oldest building below that I list?

    • Sydney Opera
    • Empire State Building in New York
    • The Eiffel Tower in Paris
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    Do you know what the word “Madrigal” means?

    • Church rite, with the choir singing.
    • Czech national game
    • Vocal composition
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    Do you know what lies along the North- East Coast of Australia?

    • Java Island
    • South China Sea
    • Large coral reef
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    Do you know what patients with thyroid enlargement are missing?

    • Calcium
    • Iodine
    • Magnesium
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    Do you know the total number of senators in the US Senate?

    • Yes
    • 50
    • 100
    • No
    • 250


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