A crowded Bondi Beach, Australia

With the pandemic I doubt we will ever see this kind of a situation ever again. When I visited Australia we were given a few minutes here and it was early morning   Not a soul was there on the beach and I truly sucked in that placid, clean, no sound view.

Even if the lockdown is removed will we see masked enthusiasts with social distancing norms followed? Or will they just crowd the place once again, soon to enforce yet another lockdown?

The Bondi beach is reported to be the cleanest beach in the world and if it is not made use of that is indeed a tragedy. 



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Written by grace


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  1. I live near what is known as the popular Daytona Beach. I want to go to the beach because it does not really get crowded here. However, yesterday I read that the highest death rate from COVID was achieved in one day – Thursday. Now that scares me so I am staying put for now,


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