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Had to share a story with you. I have a friend in Australia. We email back and forth fairly often, for years now. She shared a funny story with me today. It was a good one, as we both could use a good laugh. I thought I would also share with you.

An Australian Outback pub at the Yakara Hotel has banned all Emus from their grounds due to their bad behavior.

Last week, two of the local birds, Carol and Kevin (did not make these names up!), discovered they could climb the front stairs of the Yaraka Hotel. Upon their entry to the pub, they wreaked quite a bit of havoc, from stealing customer’s food. 

The Pub owner solved the problem by stringing a rope across the top of the stairs. A sign out front advises customers to replace the rope once they enter because “Emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior.”

I could picture in my mind these two Emu’s making themselves at home with the customer’s food in this pub. The birds in my backyard would never do anything like this. 🙂

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