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Australia Facts ~ Sunshine Coast

Continuing with the series of the top ten most populated cities in Australia. 

The eighth most populated city in Australia is the Sunshine Coast. I learned some new things while researching.

My friend that lives in Australia is in this area. She loves it and is very close to beaches, as many are in this beautiful country.

1. The Glass Mountains surrounding the Sunshine Coast are a famous UFO attraction.The Queensland’s UFO research team has compiled numerous UFO reports with the earliest ones being submitted all the way back in 1956. The most interesting fact is that most of those reports have been originating around the area where the Glass House is located.

2.  The maxim “fair dinky” was invented on the Sunshine Coast. The story behind this is rather interesting: a convict from England that settled in that area started trading his belongings with the native Aborigine. When he tried to trade his tin can in order to get a boomerang, the tribal elder has misheard the poor fellow and “tin can” quickly became “din kum”. After that the term was quickly adopted by the rest of Aboriginals to use while trading and the rest is history.

3. Queensland is home to one the oldest know dinosaur footprints in the entire world. They are located in Winton, an outback town located 110 miles (177 km) northwest of Longreach.

4.  The Mudjimba Island was owned by non-other than Sean Connery himself, between 1962 and 1983. He was actually married to the actress Diane Cilento who was born on the island.

5.  The Sunshine Coast is also home to the most photographed pub in the whole of Australia. The pub is called Ettamogah Pub, which means “place of good drinking” in native Aboriginal. The property Mooloolaba experts recommend you visit it along with the Mooloolaba beach and enjoy a day relaxing in the sun.

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