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would you track your child?

Yesterday I was walking around Downtown Washington, DC. It is getting closer and closer to full tourist season. Although, in fairness to those that do come, DC is much nicer in March (after the Cherry Festival) and April than it in late May. Once the thermometer starts to rise, DC can become very uncomfortable quickly. Anyway what I noticed but I didn’t take a picture of, was that all the school groups had color matching shirts. I was thinking about that for a second, and I realized in the modern world where fear of losing a kid is huge, having all the kids wearing bright orange shirts lets you quickly count the kids and make sure you have the right number. Human’s do the eye dart of predators, having a color we are seeking makes that easier.

The other option that I saw as I came around the national mall, however, was even cooler. I saw a teacher with an iPad watching the group of kids. The kids were all eating lunch; the teacher had a screen on her iPad that I had never seen before.  It was a tracking application that showed all the kids on the screen. We chatted or a couple of minutes. The other parents were around the edges of the group as they ate lunch. I did tell her if she needed to break away and stop talking, I wouldn’t be offended. Mostly I was curious how they were tracking, and did the tacking work indoors. I could hear Alex Ledante’s voice in my head also, but I didn’t ask the Alex question (this feels little big brothers)!

They are using a Bluetooth tracking device, and as long as the device doesn’t stray more than 300 feet away from the iPad, the kids are noted. Indoors or outdoors, the system worked pretty well.

From a let’s keep students safe perspective this feels like a good thing. The other side of this, however, if you do this with your children or coworkers. If it is for your children, I don’t think it is an issue. If you are tracking your co-workers for their safety, that is also ok at least IMHO, that said, the person being tracked has to know up front that they are being tracked.

Oh to live in interesting times…

  • Question of

    Let me ask the question that I suspect Alex will dive into – would you track your child?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Knowing that these trackers don’t require a cell phone would you let your child be tracked?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Do you know knowing where the kids are would make school trips safer?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Q: Let me ask the question that I suspect Alex will dive into – would you track your child?
    Yes (10 votes) – 71%
    No (4 votes) – 29%
    Q: Knowing that these trackers don’t require a cell phone would you let your child be tracked?
    Yes (6 votes) – 60%
    No (4 votes) – 40%
    Q: Do you know knowing where the kids are would make school trips safer?
    Yes (13 votes) – 93%
    No (1 votes) – 7%

    • As Carol said in the comment above given the choice. I tend to agree with that. BUt there are legal reasons why you aren’t given a choice (House Arrest). So i agree with you, and I am struggling with this!

  2. In this fast-paced world where I live full of surprises, I suppose my daughters will agree to use this as an option. They’re so worried about my grandchildren that I’m sorry. When my little children were playing all day in the yard. From time to time I watched them through the balcony. But nowadays, young parents have to trust modern technology.

  3. Let me lead by saying that since I don’t have children, I don’t think I am eligible to have an opinion on this. But if the trackers are removable, it seems like a good idea

    Forcing your employees to get implants? Completely unconstitutional

    • I knew you would hit the other side!

      I am personally still up in the air, even if it is removable. But my fear is the reality of the information provided.

      On the side of forcing people – either your own children or your employees that is a much bigger kettle of fish.

      Sadly at this particular moment in time, it is neither constitutional or unconstitutional in the US as it has not been legally tested.

      I fall on your side of the argument, but there is yet a court battle to be had. Someone is going to have to make it a condition of employment first.

        • not to be picky but the term unconstitutional is made up. There is no such thing as anything being unconstitutional until the Supreme Court declares it so. That is in the constitution.

          Executive Branch Enforces the law
          Judicial Branch rules on the constitutionality of laws
          Congress passes the laws

          • Any law which denies the populace their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is contrary to the constitution

            So it is okay that the term doesn’t have any legal weight, this is what it means

        • Now you are in the murky legal waters that require a ruling. The issue comes with physical security has been ruled critical to the happiness of people. The bloody Patriot Law actually withstood two distinct attempts to knock it down. So while I agree with you intellectually, the specter of “security: would force a ruling first.

        • Give me Liberty or give me death.
          I agree.

          the reality is sadly a lot more tenuous than that. It is the responsibility of the governments of the world to protect their people. We can argue how effective they are.

          • FEMA’s handling of Katrina demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that the US government is only interested in protecting some of the people…

        • FEMA gets way less budget than people realize. They have to respond to disasters all over the US (including our territories). At best they have a hard job. When there are huge (Katrina) or multiple (Houston, Florida and PR) at the same time it is impossible.

        • Now you are getting into the reality that most people don’t get. They have resources to support X number of people.

          They have services to provide for y number of people.

          If X = Y we are all happy.

          If X+2 = Y everything works
          but if X+2 does not equal Y we are all frustrated.

          The problem with the aid groups and the many other groups is that someone has to coordinate.

          Put 1000 people in an area that has a damaged cell network that can only support 900 people and you have a problem.

    • You don’t have to have children to have an opinion on children-related issue Mr. A ?. Don’t you have nephews and nieces you care about?

      That said, yes, if I have a kid I would have him/her tracked by me (hell I would go for implant) and during school field trips (removable device of course). It is harder to have kids these days than in the olden days, see. Ever heard of those creepy games on YouTube targetting children and goading them to either commit crime or suicide?

  4. The circumstances today are completely different than they were in our childhood years. I sometimes did not see my son all day, but I did not even worry about where he was, whether something happened to him … today it would be different, I probably would have followed

  5. With all the crazies out there today and the world strange as it is yes, I certainly would track my kids. It would already be a relief that I could get in touch with them by cell phone. In my growing up days the 1960s and 1970s I would not say the world was completely safe but it just felt a whole lot more normal.

  6. Yeah , there a technology working with GPS and Google which can track you easily by your image and it directly work with satellite. This technology is also used in drone and in combat operations, This technology is not for commercial use but some spy or intelligence people have access officially.

  7. It is not so dangerous for us at the moment that the child should follow every step … I was never missed by anyone, but I was not home all day … I went to school this morning and returned home tonight

  8. ☀️ I am speechless. Not because there is anything wrong or right about this, but because we truly have come to a place where everyone may have to consider something like this. I couldn’t even take the poll yet because all I could think of was a helpless child and a parent who turned their head for a moment.

    I grew up when your neighbors, told your parents the minute you walked out the front door if they thought it was odd.

    I must ponder this and return. Thank you for making me think – hard.


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