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Why did I choose to edit my old posts?

A real drama was created as I began to edit my old posts in the Open Lists category. Many of my friends are upset about this. I really don’t understand why. I’m sorry you feel that.

  Why did I choose to edit these posts?

1. First of all, for the simple fact that all the photos in the posts in this category are not visible, which is very unpleasant for me.

2. Many of my posts, even though they have as cover image  my photo, lead to other users’ posts, which is just as unpleasant. Those who come to see my pictures, want to see my pictures, not of others.

Below are some links. Click on them to get a better understanding of what this is about!

World Hidden Raindrops

Macro Monday – Thistle Seeds 

Macro Monday 5

Macro Monday 6 – Cornflower

Macro Monday 4 

Raindrops for Macro Monday 3

Macro Monday 2

Macro Monday

  I will continue to edit a post  each day, until I’ll fix all the posts. Maya threatened to hurt me if I won’t make these edits !!! I’m sorry it bothers you!

  • Do you mind that Virily allows us to edit posts?

    • yes
    • no


What do you think?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I see no problem with taking advantage of the new facility that is now on offer. However, it is possible that the liberty could be abused, and some people are reluctant to edit their posts for fear of being thought of as abusers of the system.

  2. I’m planning to edit some posts too…
    some of them just brings back unpleasant memories when new users dig them out …

    I’ll just replace them with something else …
    I think your reasons are pretty valid,
    I won’t like it too if I click in only to see “Image cannot be loaded” or that sort of errors.

  3. my only concern with editing posts and I have at 20 I want to edit is that false positive that is created. They jump to the top of lists.

    Post that makes the most commented and trending lists get more views than ones that do not. So right now when we edit posts we take one of those slots from other new posts.

    That is my only concern. When they fix that bug I am going to edit quite a few posts!

    This is not a you issue, this is sadly a Virily issue.

    • I don’t understand your concern! I didn’t get many views on the edited posts and no many comments. I get more views on new posts although they do not appear in the most commented list. So, please don’t worry about this and start edit your posts!

      • i cannot do that. The posts I want to change have 60 or more comments right now and more than 400 views. They would be at the top, and knock another author, like yourself, out of a chance to be there.

        I am hoping that Virily will fix this. So that when you edit a post, you still get the banked credit (Virils for comments and views) but the post would actually be as if it were brand new with no comments and no views.

        Posts ont he most commented, and trending lists get more new views that normal posts do.

        • Let me tell you something! If someone has viewed the post before editing (most of you have viewed my posts two years ago), and is viewing it again now, I will not receive any virile. I get virile only if someone has not viewed the post before editing !!!! Even if the posti receives 100 views I do not receive credit for these views. It is a false concern. Please believe me!

          • That is not my concern at all. However many virils you earn for a post is awesome and you deserve every single one.

            It knocks another post out of the trending lists. A new post that would gain 20 to 40 views being in the trending or most commented list.

            You knock someone out of the list by doing that with the current setup.

            Please note, there are authors who have posts with lots of comments and views that could edit those and no one will gain the benefit of being on the trending or most commented lists. That is my concern.

            It is wholly you decided to do that. Just understand that you are impacting other authors possibly.

          • I don’t know how can he claim that is a bug when maybe admins thought it should be like that and saw nothing bad in it… – on the contrary………!!!!!!! He always sees things in such way and making us all do like he thinks should be done! That frustrates me…!

        • I am convinced that you have another reason why you do not edit your posts, not because it could take the place of other posts in most commented.They may not require editing. You know better than me what the reason is! By the way! Today I edited an old post and it is not in the most commented list! So I tell you once again that there is no reason for anyone to worry that his place in the most commented posts list will be taken by my posts! I will take care to choose the very few commented. You can do the same! Please, please do not worry!

          • His reason is the one he named as I know how he and some other similar users think – they are always looking at things in an abusive and suspicious way and frustrate all of us with such thinking…! They never lookk at things from the GOOD side…!!!

          • PS I hope you now understand why I fought against your post that time when I wanted you to delete it… I am frustrated with all these people who are and were attacking me for things like this…! Even when I was actually trying to help and reward them…! You can’t explain such things to such people and I really am really starting to think it has something to do with their culture…!

          • Thank you for your last statement. Thank you also for picking low comments and low view posts. That is a great workaround to the issue!!!
            I drove the request in July to get posts edited. I am concerned with the initial implementation.

            My reason is that any post that starts on the most commented and most viewed (Trending) lists is knocking another author off.

            If you are editing older posts that are not on those lists – that is perfectly fine!

            I am not going to edit my older posts yet, I don’t have many that wouldn’t pop the trending list, I have a lot of non-virily views so I will for now not edit my posts for the reasons I have stated.

            But I thank you for taking the time to pick low views and low comment posts to edit. That is awesome, and a great workaround thank you!!!

    • How long do they stay there? I just checked trending – 5 non-edited old posts with over a few thousands views, and 5 new posts.
      My edited post is in most commented right now, and the 4 comments I got since it’s there are from people who comment all my recent posts anyway, so I don’t think the drama is really that huge.

          • I think it is actually kinda unfair towards brand new posts – they actually don’t get almost any chance to get there (the most commented – the currently Most Popular) but since both kinds of posts deserve their “praise” the best solution would be a different organization and possibly different sections… I had such ideas in the comments of my posts on this theme so I wanted to make a post about it but I’m still thinking about the theme and many different changes when it comes to our earnings are happening in the meantime!!!, so I have to think about it all and maybe make some suggestions and ideas…
            I also agree with Ellie about the Trending list – I don’t look at it often but she is right there are many posts that are there for no real reason…! I wrote about that too long ago when I found out how they actually “came there”………! 😐

        • Far too many things are unfair here, this seems like the smallest one. People have been abusing the system for virils since the beginning, that’s why virils for follows and external views were removed. And guess what? Users immediately started complaining because the virils are gone. However, no one complained about the unfair practices, because they saw it as loss for the site, not theirs. Maybe now they see the spots in trending/most commented as personal loss.

          • I agree and I’m glad you now reminded me of those things…! I also read your comment in Doc’s post and that reminded me too…! It’s easy to forget things here when there are members (like Doc!) who are manipulating us with their way of thinking…! That is why I’m always reacting hard on them… Seems they can’t see the bigger picture and doing some petty things no matter how I tried to show them… When I heard he is reporting comments (when someone copy-pasted the same, btw NICE comment in all posts – I would never report something like that no matter how much I like it or not – and btw it’s for 1 VIRIL…!!! :|) and even bragging how admins thanked him for that I thought it was very petty…! He also minded me I was opening all posts to earn virils while admins put the limit that way, and despite that I always felt bad for that after that which I shouldn’t have…! He also claimed some other “moral” things which he actually forgot later and started doing the opposite to earn more virils…!!!

            I agree… Reasons are often personal but not always… Some people do look at the unfair things but since there are some other unfairness here (generally) I can’t care much about these things, first when it comes to how admins treat us…

        • I don’t agree that he’s manipulating people, he just has a different opinion. He has good intentions because he has experience in this area, and he’s trying to help admins who either do not have the time or resources to fix everything. You also have this power of shaping people’s opinions, because you also write about Virily a lot, or contact admins. So let’s avoid personal attacks. Whenever I disagree with someone I prefer contacting them directly.

          • So he fights for this…: “My thinking is right now, if you have 30 comments on a post from other authors, then you shouldn’t need to have more than 30 comments of your own in that post”………?!! How we’ll be able to gain Anything here with all the limits Reduced now and the Viril Value very low now…?!! It is already very hard to earn here so it should now be even harder……….???!!…

            He IS manipulating them with writing things Against me, presenting me (anonymously) in a negative way and also presenting his ideas and info as 100% valid while they are not always. He is also implying things like I quoted above and I never do such things (btw)!…
            I am aware of what I’m writing about, but I don’t think I am shaping people’s opinions that way, actually I’m not sure if at all… I do write about bad or good things but not that way… I am always for the gain and he is for Restrictions…! that is a HUGE difference, like the things that he also does I mentioned above…

            If you are implying I should contact him, we don’t speak for a very long time, we already -had- our personal fights and he insulted my intelligence because he thinks I don’t know things like he does nor that my info is valid nor I consider him a good person since I would never be such a petty person reporting people for stupid reasons!!!………… .

          • Why do you think I’m “dragging you in”………?!? That is not my intention at all nor I would like that at all actually… Unfortunately you feel that way but it was not…
            I am just discussing things that should be Said out-loud, the things no one talks about and if those people are “allowed” to write that way about me and impact other users that way why shouldn’t I say what is wrong when it comes to them too… And since I can’t comment in his posts – he reports each and every comment of mine then I should say my opinion here where it is kinda the part of the topic…
            He IS a person who speaks against this editing thing, after all, right………? He and a couple of opthes………. And he did comment here so this is a Discussion, exchange of the opinions, right………..?

          • I just have to add… I’m actually asking myself why I’m even discussing and upsetting myself with the people and opinions of the people I don’t know AT ALL………….! I always remember that after some discussions and I will really have to stop doing that………….! 😐 😀 ;DD

  4. Good for you Ileana! We do come to see your photography. I know I do. I learn a lot just from viewing your photos. Who cares if it pushes them to the top. They deserved it the first time around. So there! 😉 I admire you for doing this. I probably won’t, it would just be too much work for me, and I am with Carol. I just hope they fix them. Loved maya’s photos and I don’t remember this one.

    • I think you know that most of my posts from the first two years are in the Open lists category and all the photos are “invisible”. Isn’t it a pity for the work done to take these pictures and nobody to see them? Editing doesn’t take me more than 3 minutes!🙂

          • I usually read the posts from the “Latest” page. In general I am not interested in what other users comment on posts that are not mine, because there are no comments addressed to me.

          • I do it like that too – from the Latest… I didn’t mean just that but generally important themes… There are posts that are sometimes referred to me (anonymously) like the one I addressed in my post yesterday… Those (always the same) people always have something to judge even when there is no big deal, like now…

          • Sorry I’m bumping in all the time but I like to hear some other opinions since not many commented in my post about it too…
            They care about it because that way posts get in the center of the attention and get more comments and views…! They consider it unfair, which it kinda is, because such posts are pushing NEW posts from the list while these edited posts already have many comments either they wouldn’t get on that list… Some people are always looking at that list when they are choosing posts they will visit so they choose the most commented – “popular” ones and to read what other users said… I never looked at it that way before until I noticed other people read other people’s comments (while I never did that before), so now I’m sometimes doing it too if I want to know what some people are “gossiping” about me or the things I write about… Before, I was never interested what other people comment…

      • I agree with you completely! I don’t care whether edited posts become trending, but if it’s problem for most users, the admins should step in. The problem is that they don’t, and now users are taking things in their hands and this is creating a mess.

        • I agree with both of you… If they see it as a threat and I agree it can be one because brand new posts don’t get their chance and I think those old posts still deserve that attention too then maybe things should be put and organized differently for both to get that chance…

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