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The universe of raindrops.

I needed to edit this post to correct an error that occurred. It is one of the errors that most often appear in my posts. A pretty unpleasant error. What is this error? Although the post is mine, the featured image is mine, when I click on the post title, I am directed to another user’s post, which has a totally different theme. This may not be nice for anyone who wants to see waterdrops pictures!

Hello everyone! It’s Monday so it’s time for new macro photos. I invite you to join this game with new macro photos. For today I chose Raindrops. I love taking such pictures. I love to see the universe into a raindrop. Don’t you? Every picture has its own beauty and I hope that you will add your own raindrop photo into my list. Add it and also vote for the best one.

#1 Tear of morning

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#2 Reflections in a dew drop

Every dew-drop has a whole universe  within it. 

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#4 Digitized Raindrops

I took this picture at Longwood Gardens a few years ago. I applied a digital filter to it. Surprisingly the raindrops still look pretty cool.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. I love that you continue editing all those posts, it shows that you are a responsible photographer and writer no matter what others write and say here.

    • I will continue to do this daily, until I edit them all. Photographs represent my work for years. I don’t like to lose them somewhere in Virily. I want to bring them to light because I think they deserve to be seen!