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Macro Monday – Stamens

It is sad that these photos could not be seen for so long! It’s time to bring them to light. Besides the fact that the photos were not visible, this article  also contained another error that I find much more unpleasant. Viewing the post before editing, redirects you to another user’s post. Is that correct? NO!

Hello everyone! It’s Monday so it’s time for new macro photos. I invite you to join this game with new macro photos. For today I chose stamens. The stamen is the male reproductive part of a flower. The main function of the stamen is to produce the pollen grains, which house male gametes, or sex cells, necessary for reproduction.

#2 Stamens of red lily

Each lily flower has six stamens. They are full of polen.

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#5 Pink Azalea Stamen

Fresh from a spring shower, this azalea looks so appetising!

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I believe this is a picture I took of a Lilly. I'm fascinated with the complexity and beauty of the stamen.

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#8 Pear blossom

Here the stamens appear almost plastic in their texture. This flower has quite an odd smell, by the way.

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#10 Passion Flower

The stamens on this flower are crazy looking.

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  1. Just like the outer of a flower, the inner side is equally amazing. The Chicory is surprisingly graceful from such a close vision! I think there should be another “stamen” Monday at least! There are so many flowers to feature! I look forward to it.

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